Team Members

Jagan Srinivasan, PhD: Principal Investigator
Dr. J

Professor Srinivasan was born and raised in India. He completed his undergraduate course work at the University of Chennai earning a BS in Zoology and Chemistry. He then moved on to his MS at Goa University completing a degree in Marine Biology and Biotechnology. Professor Srinivasan thereupon relocated to Tuebingen, Germany where he completed his Ph.D in Genetics at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology. His postdoctoral research soon after sent him to Pasadena, California where he studied the evolution of behavior in C. elegans and small-molecule metabolites regulating social behaviors in C. elegans at Caltech. After his time in Pasadena, in 2012, he moved to the opposite side of the country where he now is an Associate Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. He is also the Director of the Masters Program in Neuroscience at WPI. While simultaneously teaching classes he also focuses on researching brain process signaling and social behaviors using the model system C. elegans. His C. elegans work not only deals with the neurobiology but also biodiversity and ecology of C. elegans which can be seen in the Nematode Citizen Science Project.

Office Location: Life Sciences Bioengineering Center, Gateway Park, Room Nr. 4006, Contact:

Caroline Muirhead: PhD Candidate


Caroline graduated from Smith College in 2017 where she earned a double bachelor’s degree in biology and engineering. Before coming to WPI she worked at a small biotech company in Massachusetts developing food sensitivity tests. She is interested in pursuing a multisensory integration project and developing her neurobiology skills. Outside of lab, Caroline enjoys spending time with her family, any outdoor activity, cooking, and hockey.


Elizabeth DiLoreto: PhD Candidate


Liz graduated Assumption College in 2017, earning a Biology degree with a concentration in Neuroscience and a minor in Psychology. It was this focus in Neuroscience that initially drew her to the Srinivasan lab where she functioned as the Research Associate and Lab Manager from 2017-2020. Before working with this lab, she researched at the University of Massachusetts Medical School investigating ALS-linked proteins, completing an undergraduate honors project on this topic at Assumption. She has also interned at AbbVie Bioresearch Center here in Worcester. Starting in the fall of 2020, she transitioned to the role of graduate student. She will be continuing on in the Srinivasan Lab as a PhD student in the Biology and Biotechnology department.


Samuel Isife: Graduate Student


Sam joined the Srinivasan lab in the fall of 2022.

Ekra Jean-Yves: Visiting PASET Scholar

 Grace Solod: MQP WPI ’24

 Mira Kirschner: MQP WPI ’24

 Aashi Akare: Undergraduate Volunteer WPI ’24

Ronit Avadhuta: Undergraduate Volunteer ’25

 Tara Bromfield: Undergraduate Volunteer WPI ’25


If you are interested in volunteering in our lab, please reach out to Dr. J,, to see if we have any projects that align with your interests. To make sure you are able to accomplish beneficial science, volunteers must be able to commit to 100-120 hours/semester, <10 hours/week, any time Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am-6pm.

Past Students and Researchers


  • Naman Patel
  • Anita Chavan, PhD

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Graduate Students

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Undergraduate Students

  • Rebecca Whittier ’22 MQP
  • Jordan Wynn ’22 MQP
  • Jeffrey Marsh ’23
  • Gabriella Paquette ’23
  • Annalise Robidoux ’20 MQP
  • Sarah Tarantino ’21 MQP
  • Emily Stead ’21 MQP
  • Kathryn Nippert ’21 MQP
  • Luigi Apollon ’21 MQP
  • Anthony Boza ’23
  • Liza Hote ’22
  • Emily Flavin ’20 MQP
  • Morgan Jones ’22
  • Sonia Deodas ’21
  • Michael Savoie ’19 MQP
  • Bailey Sweet ’19 MQP
  • Jane Lockery ’19 MQP
  • Haylea Northcott ’19
  • Timothy Consedine ’18 MQP
  • Emily McGlame ’18 MQP
  • Lily Randle ’18 MQP
  • Nathan McNeil ’18 MQP
  • Isabella Garver ’18 MQP
  • Laura Aurilio ’13 MQP and MBA ’17
  • Jacqueline Garcia ’19
  • Angelica Pollard-Knight ’19
  • Jaden Yabut ’17
  • Marissa Patterson ’17
  • Rebecca Burns ’17
  • Aidan Burn ’17 MQP
  • Veroniki Nikolaki ’16 MQP
  • Florentia Nicole Ong ’16
  • Veronica Coyle ’16 MQP
  • Alexander Turland ’15
  • Bethany Burke ’14

Northeastern University Students

  • Apoorva Indraghanty
  • Sneha Hingorany

University of Connecticut Students

  • Yaheya Irfan

 Acton-Boxborough Regional High School Students

  • Pratik Bharadwaj

Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School Students

  • Nishita Krishnan

Doherty High School Students

  • Sophia Guerra

Grafton High School Students

  • Pranay Patel

Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science Students

  • Saaya Daga
  • Anshika Shekhar
  • Shreya Venkayala
  • Kyle Klamka
  • Supriyo Rana
  • Ishita Goluguri
  • Matthew Young
  • Mariam Dogar

North High School Students

  • Sarah Tran

Notre Dame High School Students

  • Brooke Anacleto

Shrewsbury High School Students

  • Kruthi Gundu
  • Pranav Cowlagi
  • Shruthi Sivasibramanian
  • Anish Warty
  • Chinmay Kale

Wachusett Regional High School Students

  • Zachary Swidey
  • Stephanie Jones
  • Tyler Jones

Westborough High School Students

  • Tanvi Gahlot