MQP Opportunities

We are always looking for new MQP students! Do you have an idea that aligns with our areas of research? Contact us! We look for students that are hard workers, independent, responsible and accountable, and have an interest in neuroscience. We accept both individual workers and groups of students. See below for a list of our current MQP opportunities:

  • Identifying the Metabolite Causing Attenuation of Avoidance to osas#9
  • Effects of Nicotine and Vaping on Learning and Memory in C. elegans
  • The influence of the Gut Microbiome on Behavior and Neurodegeneration
  • Using Channelrhodopsin and Halorhodopsin to Manipulate a Sex-Specific Sensory Circuit
  • The Role of Gender in Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Exploring Gender Bias using a Worm Model for Neurodegenerative Diseases