BB501: Graduate Seminar Series

BB570: Model Systems (Graduate Level)

The course is intended to introduce students to the use of model experimental systems in modern biological research. The course covers prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems including microbial (Escherichia coli) and single cells eukaryotes (fungi); invertebrate (Caenorhabditis elegans, Drosophila melanogaster) and vertebrate (mice, zebra fish) systems and plants (moss, algae and Arabidopsis thaliana). Use of these systems in basic and applied research will be examined. Students may receive credit for either BB 561 or a BB 570 course entitled Model Systems: Experimental Approaches and Applications but not both.

BB4900: Capstone Experience in Systems Biology and Molecular Engineering (Undergraduate Level)

This course is an intensive learning experience for students studying systems biology and molecular engineering. Prior to taking this course, students should have completed all of the 1000 and 2000 levels courses for the major to enable conversation and education in this course to be immersive. From this course, students can expect to discuss topics in depth, critically analyze and evaluate scientific information, becoming more versed in scientific communication.

BB4010: Advanced Molecular Genetics (Undergraduate Level)

Topics in molecular genetics are presented using microbial systems as models. The structure, function and synthesis of DNA and the results of mutation, recombination and repair are emphasized. Simple bacteria and their plasmids, transposable elements and phages are discussed as experimental models. Recommended background: BB 2002, BB 2550, BB 2920.

BB3080: Neurobiology (Undergraduate Level)

An introduction to neurobiology, with emphasis on the cellular and molecular basis of neural development and function. Topics will range from electrical and biochemical signaling between neurons, to higher order functions of the nervous system, such as sensation, movement, and memory. Human neurological diseases and disorders will be discussed. Some guided reading of the primary literature will be included. Recommended background: BB 2550, BB 2920, and BB 3101. Students may not receive credit for both BB 4080 and BB 3080.

BB554: Journal Club (Graduate Level)

This course is offered every semester covering different topics, both basic and applied, in Biology and Biotechnology and rotates among the faculty. Students read and discuss the literature in relevant topics.

Undergraduate MQP Projects