Fun in Lab

2019-03-16 HIRO Lab Field Trips

In February and March, Professor Li and some HIRO lab members went to the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH, and Brown University in Providence, RI, to visit labs with similar research focuses. Professor Li delivered a seminar at UNH about research at the HIRO lab. She and her students also had the opportunity […]

2019-02-22 HIRO @ WPI Graduate Research Innovation Exchange

After a rigorous fall 2018 semester, three HIRO lab members presented posters of their work at the WPI Graduate Research Innovation Exchange, a poster fair and competition across all graduate programs at WPI. Tsung-Chi (TC) Lin presented work from his first semester at WPI in human fatigue in robot teleoperation. He has been using Delsys […]

2018-11-05 The Future of Science

This semester, the HIRO lab is lucky to have two high school interns! Izzy and Ale, along with their undergraduate mentor Caroline, are helping Alexandra with the human perception study. Ale and Izzy were selected from a very competitive pool of high school women by WPI’s Pre-Collegiate Outreach Program to work alongside Caroline (a Bio-Medical […]

2018-10-15 HIRO @ IROS

The HIRO lab was well-represented at the 2018 IROS (International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems) Conference in Madrid, Spain! Kenechukwu Mbanisi, the senior HIRO PhD student, wrote about modeling physical human-vehicle interaction as part of his work with Toyota Research, and presented his work at the conference. Kene has been hard at work for the […]

2018-08-20 Whoops… Don’t Blink!

Can you believe it? Summer is over! The freshmen have moved in, Professor Li is writing the course syllabi, and our e-mails are exploding with beginning of semester announcements. As we look back over the summer, HiRO had a lot of exciting developments. Studying Fatigue in Teleoperation Kene and Alexandra submitted a workshop paper to […]

2018-07-10 Summer Research is in Full Swing!

As we cross the halfway point here at WPI, the HIRO lab is hard at work! We are designing human motion studies to learn more about how humans interact with their environment, and how they teleoperate robots to interact with the environment for them. Intern Renee is the captain of the Vicon Motion Capture station Alexandra […]