Statistical Consulting Laboratory


The Statistical Consulting Laboratory (SCL) offers statistical consulting to faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students conducting research at WPI and outside clients. The SCL is a group of statisticians who provide consultation on all aspects of Statistical needs. Consulting services will be provided free to WPI students, faculty and staff and external projects are formulated through a process used by WPI for over 20 years (See the Sponsors page for more information).


Examples of Previous Projects:

Project: Early Stress Activation via Methyl Jasmonate and Loblolly Pine Somatic Embryo Yield

Collaboration: Collaborative work with Department of Chemical Engineering (UMASS Amherst), Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Chemistry, WPI

Project: Quantitative and Rapid Elemental Analysis for Forensic Sourcing of Ordinary Portland Cement

Collaboration: Collaborative work with Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, WPI

Project: Developing quantitative MRI parameters to characterize host response and tissue ingrowth into collagen scaffolds

Collaboration: Collaborative work with  Department of Radiology (UMASS Medical), Department of Biomedical Engineering, and Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, WPI

Project: Projecting Key Statistics for Fantasy Football

Sponsor:  Advanced Sports Logic

Project: Robustifying Logistic Regression: An Application to Obesity

Sponsor:  National Center for Health

Project: Demographic Assumptions

Sponsor:  Hewitt Associates

Project: Statistically Sound Experiments to Improve Production Quality for Electronic Components

Sponsor:  Bose Incorporated

Project: Robust Statistical Sampling to Improve the Effectiveness and Reliability of On-Line Manufacturing

Sponsor:  Tambrands Incorporated

Project: Statistical Consulting

Sponsor:  Bose Incorporated

Project: Statistical and Experimental Analysis of a Torque Model for Self-tapping Screws

Sponsor:  Bose Incorporated

Project: Statistical Multi-Source Predictive Models and Error Estimates: Major USDA Crop Protection Forecasts and Estimates

Sponsor:  National Institute for Statistical Sciences and National Agricultural Statistics Service