2018-08-20 Whoops… Don’t Blink!

2018-08-20 Whoops… Don’t Blink!

Can you believe it? Summer is over! The freshmen have moved in, Professor Li is writing the course syllabi, and our e-mails are exploding with beginning of semester announcements. As we look back over the summer, HiRO had a lot of exciting developments.

Studying Fatigue in Teleoperation

Kene and Alexandra submitted a workshop paper to IROS 2018 in Madrid detailing a future study of human fatigue in teleoperation. The goal is to understand what teleoperation motions or tasks cause the most fatigue, depending on the teleoperation method used, and how to design a teleoperation method to limit operator fatigue. Hopefully that study will get up and running soon- stay tuned for updates AND photos from Kene’s trip to Madrid!

Perception and Action in Teleoperation

Alexandra and Ozan are starting an exciting new project in teleoperation! They are studying how telepresence, or the ability of the operator to know what’s going on around the robot, affects quality of the teleoperation. Starting this week, they are recording people using webcams to explore their environment and perform a simple task.

Jameel performs perception pilot study

Jameel helps us work through the perception pilot study. Thanks Jameel!

Stay tuned for more project updates!

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