Welcome to the Human-inspired Robotics (HiRo) Lab!

We design Teleoperation Interface and Robot Autonomy compatible with the Perception-Action Coupling of human motor control. Our on-going projects include:

  • Shared Autonomous Nursing Robots
  • Perception-Action Coupling in Robot Teleoperation
  • Teleoperation Interface and Assistive Robot Autonomy

We are located on Room 224 at 85 Prescott, a short 10-minute walk from WPI main campus area. Feel free to visit!

Lab Director

Prospective Students

  • We have several projects open to perspective PhD students and MS students who are looking for thesis topics. Please refer to the list of projects on tele-nursing robot for detailed information.
  • We have NSF NRT Fellowships for Perspective PhD students who are US citizens. Check the FORW-RD NRT Program for detailed information.