MQP 2017 – Process Mining the Credit Suisse Advisory Process


2017_MQP_team_Credit_SuisseOur Major Qualifying Project is to show the business benefits of process mining, and our sponsor is Credit Suisse. Credit Suisse uses many different processes for its employees to onboard, advise, and manage its clients. Each activity that an employee completes in the process is logged in the form of an event. An event consists of a timestamp, a case ID, and an activity. A collection of events that are part of the same process is called an event log. Event logs can be analyzed, or “mined,” to discover a process model. The derivation of a process model is called “process mining.” Through the use of process mining, a company can compare the process model to the intended business model to identify deviations. We consult with the Credit Suisse team in charge of the advisory process to compare the process model derived from the advisory process data to their intended business model of the advisory process. The advisory process is Credit Suisse’s five step process to assist their clients in creating investment portfolios. We are able to identify deviations from the intended model and suggest methods of reducing operational costs by eliminating redundant tasks and points of congestion to increase productivity.