Software developed at the ACE lab

Path-planning with waiting in spatiotemporally-varying threat fields

Manuscript under review

MATLAB code for the studies reported in this paper:
[MATLAB code for uniform resolution study] [MATLAB code for multi-resolution study]

Hierarchical trajectory optimization in hybrid dynamical systems

R. V. Cowlagi. Hierarchical trajectory optimization in hybrid dynamical systems. Automatica, 77:112–119, March 2017. [Preprint draft]

MATLAB code for executing a numerical simulation of Application Example 1.
[MATLAB code]

Route guidance for satisfying temporal logic specifications

R. V. Cowlagi and Z. Zhang. Route guidance for satisfying temporal logic specifications on aircraft motion. Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, 40(2):390–401, February 2017, special issue Computational Guidance & Control. [Preprint draft]

MATLAB code for the reachability computations in the JGCD paper:
[MATLAB code]

Coordinability and consistency in accident prevention system safety

R. V. Cowlagi and J. H Saleh. Coordinabilty and consistency: Application of systems theory in accident prevention and system safety. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 33:200–212, January 2015. [Preprint draft]

Files for simulating in MATLAB the chemical reactor accident scenario.
[MATLAB simulation]       [README]

Third-party software