Research at the ACE Lab is continually funded by external agencies. We are grateful for the support of the grants listed below.

Agency Program Title Amount Period Notes
AFOSR DURIP Testbed for Multimodal Sensor Configuration, Real-Time Estimation, and Optimal Control $330K TBD Co-PIs: N. Gatsonis and M. Demetriou (AE)
Army DAC Analytical Framework for AI/AA Systems – Mission Effectiveness $1.6M Jan. ’22 – Jan. ’27 Co-PIs: R. Paffenroth (MA) and A. Wyglinski (ECE)
NSF CMMI Making Sense:¬†Simultaneous Sensor Configuration and Optimal Control for Autonomous Systems $530K Nov. ’21 – Oct. ’24
NSF CPS Selective Listening:¬†Control for Connected Autonomous Vehicles in Data-Rich Environments $425K Apr. ’17 – Dec. ’21 Co-PI: A. Wyglinski (ECE)
AFOSR YIP Multiscale Dynamic Data-Driven Guidance and Control for Autonomous Vehicle Networks $360K Jan ’17 – Dec. ’20
NSF MRI Development of an Autonomous, Connected and Data-Driven Vehicle for Multi-Disciplinary Research and Project-Based Learning $300K Oct. ’16 – Sep. ’19 PI: X. Huang (ECE)
USAF SBIR Real-time Safety -Assured Autonomous Aircraft $306K Jul. ’14 – Aug. ’17 Sub-award from Aurora Flight Sciences Corp.