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Onto the next adventure

Well, it’s official, Doug has left the building. After defending his thesis, Doug worked in lab as a Post Doc for the past few months. Now, he’s moving on to Tufts University to continue Post Doctoral research in a bird song group. While this is certainly not how he would have imaged these last few […]

MQP 2020

While the end to this academic year took an unexpected turn, our MQP students have still been working hard on their reports and presentations. Since the entirety of D term was remote, experiments were cut short but still Annalise Robidoux and Emily Flavin produced fantastic work. They both presented their work at the Biology and […]

Flashback Friday!

Here’s a throw back to June 2019, where Doug summarizes his research representing the Biology and Biotechnology department at WPI’s Arts & Sciences week. Also watch Katherine, who does worm work in our lab, present on her work in the Chemistry & Biochemistry department.

Dr. Douglas K. Reilly!

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Reilly as he defended his thesis “Neuromodulation of Sex-Specific Pheromone-Driven Behaviors ” via Zoom this past Friday. He delivered an excellent talk about just one vein of his research involving ascr#8 and FLP-3. After WPI, he’ll be moving on to work with songbirds at Tufts University. And what thesis […]

High School Volunteer Moves on to Regional Science Fair

High schoolers Ishita Goluguri and Matthew Young from MassAcademy of Math and Science have been working hard in the Srinivasan lab on their science fair projects and recently presented at their school’s fair. Matt uses serotonin and dopamine deficient worms to model depression and to observe the effects of MAOIs on worm behavior. Ishita focuses […]

Smile for the close up: Doug and Jagan in the WPI News

Dr. J and Doug were recently featured in the WPI news for their recent publication, “Photoaffinity probes for nematode pheromone receptor identification.” We’re excited that our collaboration with the Schroeder lab at Cornell University is finally coming to fruition with this work. Check out the full article here!

“WPI Biologist’s Discovery Gives Clues to Evolution and May Affect Drug Interaction Research”

WPI’s release on our most recent publication in Nature Communications. Check it out!   Dr. J and Liz analyzing a calcium imaging video.

MQP Finale

This year we had two groups of MQP students. Bailey Sweet and Michael Savoie researched “Using Beta-Endorphin as an Opioid Addiction Model in C. elegans,” to establish a paradigm for using C. elegans in investigating the effects of Beta-endorphins as a substitute for opioids. Jane Lockery investigated “Sex Pheromone Attracted Response in C. elegans and Related Species,” to see […]

Dr. Chute!

And just like that, 6 years of research comes to a close. Dr. Christopher Chute successfully defended his work entitled Decoding Neural Circuits Modulating Behavioral Responses to Aversive Social Cues on October 3, 2018. Now time to toast!  

Doug the Reviewer

Doug has been selected as an Early Career Reviewer for the journal Genetics sponsored by the Genetics Society of America (GSA). This is a great start into the world of peer review that puts him in incredible company from all around the world. Click this link to find out more.

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