Undergraduate Level

A-Term 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 – BME 2610 Introduction to Bioprocess Engineering

D-Term 2017, 2018: C-Term 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 – BME 4831 Drug Delivery


Undergraduate Directed Research (ISP)

C-Term 17/18 – Danilo Lozada, BME -’18 – Antibody release from gels

A-Term 17/18 – Stephanie Smieszek -19 – Recellularization of cancer derived extracellular matrix

D-Term 16/17 – Emily Newman, BME ’18 – Characterization of silk scaffold porosity


Graduate Level

Spring 2018 – BME 594 Journal Club – Tissue Engineering

Fall 2017, 2019 – BME 550 Tissue Engineering


MQP Teams


“Bioreactor design for bacterial cellulose production,” Sawyer Fenlon, Edward Hay, Isabelle Claude, Catherine Williams.

2022 BME Department Finalist for the Provost Award

“Injectable glycosaminoglycan-based drug delivery systems,”, Corinne Saucier, Brianna McCuaig, Camila Cavalcanti Bezerra M Carvalho, Nicole Racca.

2022 BME Department Finalist for the Provost Award



“Tumor on a Chip,” Sarah Boermeester, Elizabeth Inger, Coulter Ralston, A, B, C, and D terms, 2020-2021,

“Anti-Shock Suit,” Catherine Blejwas, Megan Heinle, Anne Hughes, Colleen O’Malley, 2020-2021,

2021 BME Department MQP Excellence Award

“Rapid Cell Strainer Device,” Jon Lazri, Kelly McCauley, Rebecca Richard, Quillyn Smith, Jacob Steinman.


“Paclitaxel Release System,” Michaela Johnson, Jason Rivers, Summer Thurlow, Co-advisor: Susan C. Roberts.


“Cancer Cell Collection Device”. Kelly Borden, Sydney Hurley, Rachel Peterson, Professional Writing double-major advisor: Ryan Madan.

“Skin Preparation Stick,” Alicia Costi, Ravneet Kaur, Emily Kolaya, Kalyn Ricciuti.

2019 BME Department Finalist for the Provost Award

“Taxus Scaffold Development,” Dasia Aldarondo, Adele Werner, Donald Dione. Co-advisor: Susan C. Roberts.


2017_2018_ConlanSheilsChittimBrunelleNewman“Endothelialization of a Tumor Model”, Mckenzie Brunelle, Nicole Chittim, Ryan Conlan, Eemily Newman, Emma Sheils.






2017_2018_RahmanSuquiVegaBonilla“GAG Particles for Drug Delivery”, Fabian Bonilla Sabillon, Mohammed  (Masrur) Rahman, Leonela Vega, Kathy Suqui.








2016_2017_Composite Fibrin Scaffold team

“Design of a Composite Fibrin Scaffold with Microengineered Vascular Network”, Alexandra Burr, Anthony Campagna, Janine Fatal, James Lin, Elizabeth van Zyl. Co-Advisor: George D. Pins.







2016_2017_Viral team

“Viral Removal in Microthreads”, Brian D’Amore, Emily Ferreira, Erin McConnaghy. Co-Advisor: Glenn R. Gaudette.