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Graduate Students

adpr202070005-blkfxd-0001-mWe are looking for 2 PhD students to join is in the coming year. Projects include 1) 2D MXenes for THz photonics and optoelectronics, and 2) 2D semiconductors: ultrafast carrier dynamics and nonlinear optical properties. Contact the PI directly, and apply to WPI Physics graduate program in Physics or in Applied Physics with a concentration in Nanoscience or Photonics.

NRTWe are also looking for an exceptional PhD candidate who would like to combine experiments in ultrafast spectroscopy, DFT modeling and data science approaches to materials discovery.  If this might be you, consider applying for an NSF-sponsored NRT Graduate Fellowship, “Circular Economy and Data Analytics Engineering Research for Sustainability” (CEDAR). Our group is involved in one of the proposed research projects, Accelerating Discovery and Characterization of Functional 2D Materials for Catalysis and Solar Energy Conversion Using Data Science Methods. A physics, chemistry or chemical engineering student will be co-advised by Prof. Aaron Deskins and will work closely with a faculty member in Data Science program.

Undergraduate Students

If you area WPI student interested in joining the lab as an undergraduate research assistant, contact the PI or one of the graduate students. We will give you a lab tour and discuss your plans and interests.

If you are an undergraduate student at other institutions, please consider applying to REU Site that we are a part of: Developing a Clean Energy Future with Underserved Students.REU