PhD Kenechukwu Mbanisi


PhD Student


Positions Held

Prior to joining WPI, I worked with industrial automation systems, as well as client servicing support. Please refer to my LinkedIn for more information regarding my previous work experience and professional involvement.

Research Interest

My research investigates human performance and preference through the simulated interactions of computational human models and dynamic systems (e.g., vehicle, robot) or environment (e.g., assistive living space, workspace). My research thus far have developed a computational human model that consists of driving task planning, natural human motion coordination planning and motion control. This model is further integrated with the geometric and dynamic system models of a vehicle, to simulate the human-vehicle simulation in various driving scenarios. This simulation can be used to evaluate human efforts and responses in driving tasks, and the design of vehicle ergonomics and augmented driving system. In the future, I will continue to such simulation approaches to study the interaction of human and assistive devices and rehabilitation exoskeletons.

I am also interested in exploring ways improving STEM education by developing effective teaching resources and pedagogical techniques. My focus of interest is upscaling robotics and automation learning and application in sub-saharan Africa. Towards this, I currently serve as a robotics curriculum developer and facilitator on a World-Bank project, Maths and Science for Sub-Saharan Africa (MS4SSA), which is providing technical assistance to countries in the sub-Saharan Africa region to improve learning outcomes in STEM.


  • Force anticipation in pushing and pulling tasks
  • Learning motion primitive library for rendering natural vehicle maneuver motion coordination
  • Computational human modeling for human-vehicle interaction

Professional Activities

  • 2018/10/04-05, Paper and poster presentations at IROS 2018, Madrid, Spain
    • Paper Title: Learning coordinated vehicle maneuver motions from human demonstrations
    • Poster Title: Assessment of Physical Fatigue in Robot Teleoperation during Complex Motion Coordination Tasks
  • 2018/09/21, WPI RBE Program Colloquium
    • Title: Learning coordinated vehicle maneuver motions from human demonstrations
  • 2017/10, Workshop presentation at IROS 2017
  • 2018/06/09, Lab Demo for WPI Touch Tomorrow
  • 2018/03/05, Lecture at MS4SSA STEM Teacher Training Conference, Rwanda
    • Title: Introduction to Robot Mechanisms
  • 2017/09/26, Poster Presentation at IROS 2017, Vancouver, Canada
    • Title: A control architecture for rendering passive and active whole-body coordination in driving tasks
  • 2017/07/12, Lecture at MS4SSA STEM Teacher Training Conference, Nigeria
    • Title: Promoting Innovation in Africa through Robotics Education