MS Heramb Nemlekar


Master Student

  • Email:
  • Lab: 85 Prescott 224


  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Pune University, India
    • Project: Robot Design for ABU Robocon Contests

Research Interest

I believe the possibility of robots coexisting with humans at comparable intelligence levels is quite fascinating. This is the dream I constantly work towards. Accordingly, my research interests in robotics lie in the field of motion and task planning for Human-Robot Interaction.

I am currently working on the Telerobotic Intelligent Nursing Assistant (TRINA). At low-level, I conduct human user study to analyze the parameters in human-robot object handover, such that the nursing robot will be able to predict the handover intent and motion and response quickly and appropriately. At high-level, I analyze the human strategies in coordination of manipulation and locomotion actions using high-level learning and planning methods. I am also interested in the navigation of mobile robots, such as planetary rovers and space assistance robots.

Besides robotics, I enjoy playing soccer, watching the Premier League and writing music.


  • Modeling and inference in human-robot collaboration (Ongoing)
  • High-level learning and planning of loco-manipulation (Ongoing)
  • Fast and fluent human-robot handovers (Complete)
  • Object affordance for human-robot collaborative tasks (Complete)
  • Model Predictive Control for autonomous vehicles (Complete)


  • To be added

Professional Activities

  • 2019 Graduate Research Innovation Exchange (GRIE), selected for final competition [poster]
  • 2018-06, Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS) 2018, workshop presentation [paper]