PhD Alexandra Valiton


PhD Student

  • Email:
  • Lab: 85 Prescott 224


  • MS Robotics Engineering (WPI)
  • BS Electrical Engineering (Oklahoma University)

Positions Held

Prior to joining WPI, I worked with data acquisition, test automation, and semi-autonomous control systems, as well as customer support, marketing, and sales. Please refer to my LinkedIn for more information regarding my previous work experience and professional involvement.

Research Interest

My research investigates human perception-action coordination, in order to design the autonomous camera selection and control that appropriately coordinate with the manipulation and navigation tasks performed via telepresence and teleoperation robots. My research aims to develop cognitive assistance to reduce the mental efforts in the teleoperation of mobile telepresence and tele-action robots, to form a human-robot teaming that accounts for the natural human behavior and preference, and to benefit healthcare workers that diverse in age and gender.


  • Shared-autonomous tele-nursing robots
  • Perception-action coordination in VR telepresence


  • AY 2017-2018, WPI Presidential Fellowship

Professional Activities

  • 2019 Graduate Research Innovation Exchange (GRIE), selected for final competition [poster]

STEM Outreach

  • Fall 2018 WPI Women’s Research and Mentorship Program (WRAMP) mentor