Research Seminar at WSU

Tele-nursing Robots for Future Nursing Workers

Funded by NSF National Robotics Initiative (NRI) #2024802:
Collaborative Research: NRI: INT: Transparent and Intuitive Teleoperation Interfaces for the Future Nursing Robots and Workers


In September 2021, Professor Li and her three PhD students (TC Lin, A Unni Krishnan, ZY Zhong) held a research seminar and robot demonstration at WSU Nursing Department. A total of 78 people include faculty and nursing students participated in the talk and interacted with the telepresence and telemanipulation robots. [Here for the seminar slides]


 Overview of Future Activities

  • Research seminar and professional training series on “Human-robot Interfaces for the Future Nursing Robots and Workers”, sponsored by NSF National Robotics Initiative (NRI) and NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) programs, located at WSU and WPI
  • Interdisciplinary collaborative research projects on the evaluation of technological and social impacts of tele-nursing robots and interfaces, open to students taking the Research Project course offered at WSU, as well as the Human-Robot Interaction courses (RBE/CS 526 , RBE460X) offered at WPI
  • Broader participation activities to engage WSU faculty and students from the Nursing and Rehabilitation Department who are interested in robots for nursing, rehabilitation and assisted living, through lab tours, online interactive demonstrations, survey and interviews, and various user studies

Invitation of Research Projects Participation (2021 Fall to 2022 Spring)

  • Human Factor Experiments  
    • Perception-action coupling in the usage of active telepresence [YouTube]
    • Integration of visual and haptic feedback in robot teleoperation [YouTube]
  • Evaluation of technological impacts  
    • Design tele-nursing robot interfaces to enhance control precision [YouTube]
    • Develop shared autonomous control of multi-camera active telepresence
    • Compare interfaces for dexterous navigation of mobile telepresence nursing robots [YouTube]
    • Tele-nursing robots for remote nursing education
  • Evaluation of social impacts  
    • Influences of direct and indirect experience with nursing robots, and active participation in the development of nursing robot technologies

How to Participate?

  • Fill up the survey from WPI HiRo lab
  • Contact Professor Li at WPI (
  • Contact Professor Paula Bylaska-Davies at WSU (