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The overall objectives of my research are to develop clinically translatable tissue regeneration and drug delivery strategies, and three-dimensional, in vitro human disease models using biologically-derived biomaterials. We utilize techniques from engineering, chemistry and biology to address these research areas, including chemical modifications to alter drug-material interactions, small molecule and macromolecule conjugates to direct cell fate, and multi-cellular tissue/disease systems for paracrine signaling and direct cell-cell interactions. During my PhD, I worked with photo-crosslinkable PEGDA hydrogel systems to study repair strategies for articular cartilage diseases. I also developed low density, bioactive-electrospun fiber scaffolds for repair of articular cartilage defects. My postdoctoral research used silk fibroin proteins from Bombyx mori silkworm cocoons for (1) drug delivery systems for oncology therapeutics and HIV treatment/prevention and (2) tissue regeneration of the kidney and pancreas. In the lab and the classroom, I truly enjoy teaching. I am especially excited to mentor students on their Major Qualifying Projects. I strive to ensure that students are able to (1) apply theoretical concepts to practical applications and (2) fully understand the tasks being performed.