About Us

We investigate interactions among miscellaneous DNA and proteins. We use proteins such as molecular motors to generate dynamics, as well as DNA to create specific, thermal-reversible interactions. With DNA and proteins, our goals are to advance our understanding of self-organization of active matter as well as to create unprecedented bio-inspired materials.


2019-11-27: Teagan, Edward, and Megan’s work was invited to publish a video-based paper on Journal of Visualized Experiments. Please find the video and paper in Journal of Visualized Experiments (153), e60484 (2019).

2019-07-24: Teagan, Edward, and Megan’s work on Soft Matter 15, 5006 (2019) is reported on WPI Today.

2019-06-26: Congratulations on Teagan, Edward and Megan for a publication on Soft Matter featured on the journal’s inside back cover. Please find details in Soft Matter 15, 5006 (2019).


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