Research Group

 Current Students

Lida Lida Mehdizadegan Namin

Lida works on modeling Iridium-based alloys for ethanol oxidation for fuel cell applications. Her work should lead to better understanding of the mechanisms for the reaction and identifying cheaper, more efficient catalysts.






Satish Kumar Iyemperumal

Satish works on modeling Palladium-based alloys for ethanol oxidation for fuel cell applications. 






Former Students:

  Juan Garcia

Juan’s work involved modeling metal oxides (TiO2, ZrO2, HfO2, etc.) to identify how they can better act as catalysts and catalyst supports. He graduated in August 2015.








Ellaheh Kamaloo

Elli graduated in May 2013 with an M. S. She modeled zeolites in an effort to understand how they can be used to separate toxic chemicals, like NDMA, from water.




  Julien Courtois

Julien graduated in May 2013 with his M. S. has been modeling Ir-based alloys in order to predict viable alternatives to Pt for ethanol oxidation catalysts used in fuel cells.






  Thomas Gabry

Thomas graduated in May 2012 with his M.S. He simulated diffusion of several endocrine-disrupting molecules through zeolites using molecular dynamics in order to predict and understand the limits of zeolites for water purification.