Past Lab Members

Post Doctoral Researchers

unknownDr. Margaret Pruitt

Maggie joined the Manning lab in November 2016 and left in 2019 for a position with Biotek Instruments

Graduate Students

Dr. Conor Herlihy

Conor joined the lab in 2015 and graduated in 2020. He is now completing his postdoc in Dr. Ting Wu’s lab at Harvard


Robert Belmonte

Robert was an MS candidate in Biotechnology who joined the lab in 2021 and graduated in 2022.

WeikangWeikang Fu

Weikang was an MS candidate in Biotechnology who graduated in 2023



Sabine headshotDr. Sabine Hahn

Sabine Hahn joined the lab in 2018 and graduated in 2023. She is now a postdoc fellow with Dr. Ramirez Ortiz at UMass Chan Medical School


Updated HeadshotDr. Dayna Mercadante

Dayna joined the lab in 2017 and was co-mentored by Sarah Olson in the math Department. She graduated from the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Program in 2022, completed an Eagleton Science and Politics Fellowship at the New Jersey Senate Democratic Office, and is now at Dana Faber Cancer Institute

Luis Gutierrez ZamalloaDr. Luis Gregory Gutierrez Zamalloa

Greg joined the lab in 2018 and graduated in 2023. He is now a postdoc fellow in Dr. Arguello’s group at WPI


MQP students

During their senior year, WPI students complete a major qualifying project (MQP). Students who complete their MQP with us spend a year working on independent or small group research projects that complement or build off of ongoing projects in the lab.


Head ShotEva Childers, BBT

“Determining the Role and Implications of Aurora A Kinase Inhibition in Acute Myeloid Leukemia”

Navarro-Serer, Childers, et al., 2019

Eva is now pursuing her graduate degree in the Molecular and Cellular biology PhD program at Dartmouth College


Lindsay Gurska, BBT20161008_133750

“Regulation of Mitotic DNA Damage by the Retinoblastoma Tumor Suppressor Protein”

* Provost’s MQP Award

Lindsay is now pursuing her graduate degree in the Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Biomedical Sciences Program.


BernatBernat Navarro-Serer, BBT/CBC

“Centrosome Amplification Promotes Resistance to Alisertib”

Navarro-Serer, Childers et al., 2019

Bernat is now pursuing his graduate degree in the PhD program at John Hopkins University



Jacqueline Garcia, BBT

“Mutations in Kinesin 5A effect in Mitochondrial Mobility in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia” co-mentored with Claudia Fallini, UMMS

*Provost’s MQP Award Honorable Mention

Jacqueline is currently pursuing her PhD at Tufts University


Hammad Sadiq, BBT

“Transcriptional Regulation of Non-Coding RNAs by the Retinoblastoma Tumor Suppressor Protein”

* Provost’s MQP Award

Hammad is currently working as a clinical research assistant at UMMS.



Michael Corace, BCB and Alyssa Nicolella, BCB

“Tracking DNA Damage Repair in Cancerous Cells” co-mentored by Dmitry Korkin, CS

* Provost’s MQP Award Honorable Mention

Michael is currently pursuing his MS at WPI.

Alyssa is working as an Associate Computational Biologist at MIT’s Broad Institute.


Brooke Honzel, BBT

“Investigating the Role of MycN and p53 Binding in Pediatric Neuroblastoma” co-mentored with Jason Shohet, UMMS

Brooke is currently working as a clinical research coordinator at Brigham and Women’s hospital


Daniel McDonough, BCB/CS and Surya Vadivazhagu, CS

“Predicting DNA Damage in Fluorescent Imaging” co-mentored by Dmitry Korkin, CS

Surya is currently working as a Data Scientist at Intel Corporation


Thomas Perry, Biology and Biotechnology

“pRB dependent regulation of Cell Motility”



Emily Stadnicki, Chemistry and Biochemistry

“Defining Cell Cycle-Specific Interactions of the pRB Tumor Suppressor”

Emily is now pursuing her graduate degree in the PhD program at Brandeis University



Sarah Brown, Biology and Biotechnology

“Investigating the Role of SUV4-20 Inhibition in Mitosis”

* Provost’s MQP Award 2nd Place


Jagruthi Maroju, Biology and Biotechnology



Kylie Belanger, Biology and Biotechnology

“Investigating the role of cortical dynein in mitotic progression”

*Provost’s MQP award


Cristian Nunez, Biology and Biotechnology and Professional Writing

“Molecular Characterization of the Histone Methyltransferase Suv420”



Hannah Shell, Biology and Biotechnology

“Regulation of genome stability during mitosis”


Mikhail Rashkovskii, Chemistry and Biochemistry

“Defining cell cycle dependent RB interactors”


Undergraduate Student Researchers


Ben Cossette

Biomedical Engineering, Graduating Class of 2017

Ben is currently pursuing his PhD in  Biomedical Engineering at Duke University

JonasJonas Ettlin

Jonas was an undergraduate from the ZHAW Institute for Biotechnology in Switzerland who joined the Manning lab in the summer of 2015 to perform his research thesis project. Jonas successfully defended his thesis, Exploiting defects in chromatin structure to enhance DNA damage in osteosarcoma cells, in November 2015 and won an award as top student in his Bachelor’s program.

SalSalvador Lombardo

BS/MS Management Engineering, Graduating Class of 2021


Aishwarrya Arivudainambi

Aishwarrya was a Mass Academy Student who joined our research group the summer before her senior year (2015) as one of the first long-term student researcher in the Manning lab.  She is now pursuing her undergraduate career at Brown University.