Research work at the Ji lab at WPI focuses on two areas: traumatic brain injury and surgical image-guidance.


Funding for the traumatic brain injury research is provided by the NIH (R01 NS092853, R21 NS088781), Ford URP (University Research Program), and GPU donation from NVIDIA. Past funding included support from NIH (R21 NS078607), NOCSAE, Hitchcock Foundation, and Neukom Institute, and donation from Intel Inc. Collaborators for this project include colleagues at Ford Motor Company, Dartmouth College, Indiana University, Simbex LLC., Stanford, Virginia Tech, and University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Funding for work on surgical image-guidance in spinal surgery is provided by the NIH (R01 EB025747). Past funding support included Dartmouth SYNERGY Scholars Award and NIH (R21 NS078607). This work is conducted in collaboration with Dartmouth College.

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