Join Us

We are a dynamic group of undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdoctoral fellows who use a combination of biochemical and biophysical approaches to understand the molecular mechanism of two membrane proteins, a light-gated ion channel and a transition metal transporter.

Our lab is located within the newly built Gateway Park, Life Sciences and Bioengineering Building which houses state of the art instrumentation including a JASCO J-1500 Circular Dichroism Spectrophotometer, Roboject Automated Oocyte Injector, Nanodrop Sectrophotometer, Perkin Elmer Atomic Absorption Spectrometer and ICP-OES, a two-electrode voltage clamp set-up, Malvern DLS and Bio-Rad FPLC.

Members of our group have recently presented their research at the annual Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, Gordon Research Conferences, and the Council for Undergraduate Research Annual Meeting.

Prospective students and postdoctoral fellows interested in the group are encouraged to contact Dr. Dempski. Application waivers to qualified PhD applicants are available.