Compositional Reactive Synthesis for Provably Correct Systems

What is reactive synthesis?

Reactive synthesis is a technology to automatically generate a correct-by-construction controller for a robot by only specifying the desired high-level behavior. Such a correct-by-construction controller is guaranteed to react to every possible (possibly adversarial) strategy of the environment by staying consistent with the desired behavior. Such strong guarantees come at the cost of computational complexity of the respective algorithms, which are known to have a double-exponential lower bound.


What is compositional synthesis?

Compositional Synthesis is an approach to parallelize the computation of a reactive controller by exploiting the underlying conjunction structure that most specifications for robot have. The challenge while developing algorithms using the compositional approach is to preserve the same guarantees as of the centralized (non-compositional) approach.



Our research:

In this research project, we aim to investigate the underlying compositional structure of the reactive games to develop efficient algorithms and a toolbox suitable for online reactive planning on robots such as driverless cars. In addition, we also study the how this compositional structure may be used to address the problems such as minimum violation and conflict detection.

Team Members: 

Abhishek N. Kulkarni

Related publications:

  • Abhishek N. Kulkarni, Jie Fu, “A Compositional Approach to Reactive Games under Temporal Logic Specifications”, American Control Conference (ACC) 2018.