Control and Intelligent Robotics Laboratory (CIRL) focuses on developing intelligent and (semi-)autonomous systems through the integration of control theory, machine learning, and formal methods. At CIRL, we aim to build trustworthy systems in complex decision making and dynamic environments, in coordination with or under the supervision of human operators. The research contains several main areas: (1) Provably correct and scalable control design under complex mission specifications; (2) learning-enabled adaptive control and decision-making; (3) compositional reasoning and game-theoretic planning for autonomous agents.


  • Jan, 2019: Papers titled “Approximate Dynamic Programming with Probabilistic Temporal Logic Constraints” and “Compositional Planning in Markov Decision Process: Temporal abstraction meets generalized logic composition” are accepted for presentation at, and publication in the proceedings of, the 2019 American Control Conference. 
  • Jan, 2019: Paper titled “A Validated Physical Model For Real-Time Simulation of Soft Robotic Snakes” is accepted for presentation at, and publication in the proceedings of, the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.
  • Dec. 7st, 2018. SHADOW project is funded by DARPA SI3-CMD, in collaboration with Scientific Systems (SSCI).
  • Dec. 1st, 2018. We have a funded position for a Master student for six months to work on game theory, control, AI, and formal methods. If you are interested in this position, please send an email to Dr.Fu with your CV and a brief description of your past research experience. 
  • June 9th, 2018, Our lab participated in the TouchTomorrow event at WPI. We performed demos with 1/10-scale self-driving race car that interacts with other mobile agents, including little kids. Here are some group pictures with members from CIRL and HIRO Labs. Looking forward to having more exciting demos and fun interactions next year!
  • May 2018, Nolan Poulin successfully defended his MS thesis titled “Proactive Planning through Active Policy Inference in
    Stochastic Environments”.
  • Jan 2018: Received WPI Engineering Seed Fund with Prof. Xinming Huang and Prof. Andrew Clark: “Building a Globally Recognized Research Lab on Autonomous Vehicles and AI. “
  • Jan, 2018: Paper titled “A Compositional Approach to Reactive Games under Temporal Logic Specifications” is accepted for presentation at, and publication in the proceedings of, the 2018 American Control Conference.
  • Sep. 2017. Siddharthan Perundurai Rajasekaran successfully defended his MS thesis titled “Nonparametric Inverse Reinforcement Learning and Approximate Optimal Control with Temporal Logic Tasks”. Congratulations, Siddharthan.
  • Aug. 2017. Received NSF Grant as Co-PI with Prof. Cagdas Onal (PI) on project “Intelligent Soft Robot Mobility in the Real World”.

Join The Team:

CIRL is looking for talented graduate students. We are looking for both MS and PhD students who are interested in control theory and its applications to robotics. We also interested in students who have a background in reinforcement learning and automata/language theory. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact us.

Note for Interested Undergraduate Students:

CIRL is always looking for enthusiastic undergraduate students. Please use MQP project search ( to discover the recent project opportunities with CIRL for senior course projects.

Our research is funded by: